An Uncooperative Muse

My entry for this weeks WP Photo Challenge Muse.

Little Arai, who is usually very willing to take pictures for me decided that he was not going to cooperate.

Not now mom-mom!

Not now mom-mom!

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  1. Even when they’re not cooperating kids are always a wonderful inspiration.

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  2. A great photo inspite of the lack of cooperating.

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  3. Ah, but you were spending time together and that is what counts. They grow up way too fast. 🙂

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  4. Mom-Mom? That is nice. My daughters used to call my parents “l’autre papa” and “l’autre maman”. The other dad and the other mom. The eldest came to that conclusion when she was two, hearing me call my father Dad. She said: “You are Dad”.
    “yes, but he is my Dad”.
    “Oh. So he is ‘another Dad'”
    And so it stuck.
    “Mom-Mom” is quite lovely.

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  5. Bravo Robin. I wonder if Arai’s own Muse was inspiring him to pose for the camera in his own wonderful way. Kids are always inspirational as far as photo ops are concerned. Thanks for sharing . Enjoy the day. 🙂

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