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Mother Nature Doing What She Does…

June 23, 2015 between 6:00 and 6:30pm a few quick and destructive tornadoes hit southern New Jersey.  Luckily when they touched down I was still at work and only saw the lights inside the building flickering.  At this time I still did not know that the weather alert was correct and actually happening.

When I got off at 6:30pm it was still a lot of lightning and thunder and the rain had turned to just a drizzle.  Driving down 295S it was pretty much the same as any other rainy day, nothing out of the ordinary.  It all changed once I picked up my grandson from daycare.  The owner, Tosha, said that a tornado came down very close to the daycare and they had to hide in the basement.

As I was driving home you can pretty much see one of the paths of destruction, tree tops ripped off and yanked out of the ground by the roots.  It was amazing and scary at the same time to see the devastation that Mother Nature can do in a very short period of time.   (Where is my camera!)

I made it safe and sound to a home that had no electricity.  So I spent two nights at my mother’s home.

Per different reports over 250,000 people in the southern New Jersey/Philadelphia area were out of service.  It finally ame back on today.



Outage Area over 36,000 in my area.








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