Duck Duck Goose!

Who remembers the childhood game Duck Duck Goose?

This was a fun game to play. Everyone sits in a circle while the lucky one got to tap on everyone’s head hollering “Duck Duck Goose”.  They could call “Duck” as many times as they chose but who ever was “Goose” had to chase/race the first child back to the empty space first.  The one left standing would get the chance to tag someone”Goose” and it would start   all over.  

I was thinking about those carefree times while taking pictures of this Goose Saturday.

I like how I was able to freeze the drop of water falling from his mouth.  If i was trying to freeze the drop of water it would not happen.


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  1. Beautiful shots. Great capture.

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  2. I liked the shots, although I had not noticed that drop of water until you mentioned it. That makes it even better that you could that!


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  3. I always loved that game! Love your pics too 🙂

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  4. Wonderful captures of the duck and goose! 🙂

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  5. Hmmm. Never played that game. probably an anglo-saxon version of “trappe-trappe” (Catch-as-catch-can?) or “le mouchoir” where all kids are sitting on the ground in a circle, one player circles around them drops a handkerchief (mouchoir) behind one and starts running. Like… to home base. if you failed to notice the handkerchief dropped behind you and don’t get up and catch the other, you’ve lost.
    (Cultural week!)
    Nice goose anyway

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