Before and After

Here is a sample of before and after.  Photos were taken on my Samsung Note 4 and edited using Snap Seed and Pronto  (to copywrite picture).

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(not sure why pics are so big when posting from phone)


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  1. Love it. Now, I need to figure out how to use the Note 4 and then learn Snap Seed and Pronto??? My head will explode. LOL Did you do the edit on the phone and upload from there?

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  2. Yes all done straight from the phone. Both programs are easy to use and you should not have any problems.


  3. I have an old Galaxy III, and I have never tried to use it for editing. I am really impressed with how nicely you can do that using your phone. The tweak to the photo is nice.


  4. Thank you Robin. You should try it. They should work with the Galaxy III.


  5. It turned out pretty good, didn’t know the app could do a good job

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  6. Wonderful detail, Robin. Superb composition, too. 🙂 Nice share on both counts. 🙂

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