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Winter Lace

What better time is there then January 1, 2019 to pick up the camera again.

Winter Lace is for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge.

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He’d Rather Be….

My grandson, Arai, has been a bit under the weather the last couple of days with a cold and asthma acting up again.  Instead of him resting like his mother said, he’d rather be out in the snow with me taking pictures.  He did not care that he had his pajama shorts on and his shoes on the wrong feet he was determined that he was going out.

I had to convince him that if he was better tomorrow we will go out and play in the snow.


We are experiencing a winter wonderland. The new says that it could be as much as 12 inches.

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After Jonas

Sundays is usually the day that I take a drive to a new place or down a street that I have never been down before to see what I can see.  I would then post a Side Street Sunday.  Well the storm hinder that from happening this weekend so I did the next best thing.  Took a stroll in the woods in almost knee-high snow.

This was an adventure to say the least.  I have not done something like this since I was a kid.

I love looking at the snow resting on the branches and leaves and how it just glistens in the morning sun creating areas of brightness and shadows everywhere.  It was refreshing!


This is the last of the snow pictures until the next storm hits.

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“Z”is for Zipping Around

The lake at my work place oasis has frozen over.  The pattern in which the water froze looks like an ice skater came zipping by and formed the letter Z.

My second entry for this week’s WP Photo Challenge: Alphabet.



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First Snow

Today here in New Jersey we are having to our first snowfall of 2016.

It is only supposed to be lite dusting, which I sincerly hope is correct.

first snow1

First Snowfall of 2016 in New Jersey


first snow3

First Snowfall of 2016 in New Jersey

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That Blah Feeling of Winter

feeling of blah


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Snow Snow and more Snow

Not really but we are prepared.

The landscapers at my job are gearing up for the coming snow (not any time soon I hope). The sand/salt mixture and some of the machinery has been deliveried and it is ready and waiting for snow.   I hope they have a long wait.

The weather is not showing signs that the beginning of winter is just a few days away. Today’s temperature is 58°F, which is warm considering the time of year for New Jersey weather.

For those that doubt, global warming is real.



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A Blissful Moment

Photo 101 Assignment #4: Bliss

We finally got some “real” snow here in NJ.  Most of the business and schools were closed today except for my daughters job.  Since I was off and Arai did not have school I had the pleasure of having him for the day.  This young man is a handful and a half.  The only time he is still is when he is sleep and you have to fight him for that.

I decided to take him out and let him experience some snow.  Mom-mom could not find his gloves so I put a pair of socks on his hands to keep them a little dry.  How happy he was.


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A few outakes

While out yesterday taking pictures for this weeks Word Press Photo Challenge: Depth (of Field) I also took some pictures just because.  Here are a couple of outtakes from the days shoot.


Feeding Time


Feeding Time 2



Just Ducking around

In the next set of photos I wanted the DOF effect on the swing to be more pronounced like the pictures posted yesterday.  It does show slightly on the last couple of swings but not enough for what I envisioned.




Edited using Snap Seed with Drama and HDR effects.

To see more interpretations of Depth click here!

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Our Blizzard

For the past couple of days the news stations predicted that we would get 6-12 inches of snow.  Well needless to say they were incorrect.

Here is a picture from balcony showing the snow drift.

No Edits

Original – No Edits (1)

SnapSeed Edits with about 60% HDR effects

SnapSeed Edits with about 60% HDR effects (2)

SnapSeed edits with about 60% HDR effects converted to back & white

SnapSeed edits with about 60% HDR effects converted to back & white (3)

Which do you prefer?


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