Side Street Sunday – Over Half a Millennium Old

Today my travels lead me to venture into Salem County New Jersey.  My mother told me about this old oak tree that has been around for over 500 years.  I had to find this tree.

I found the oak tree after getting lost for about 45 minutes.  This old oak was pretty big.   I was not able to capture the entire tree with the lens that I had.

It is reported that back in the late 1670’s a treaty was signed (under this very tree) with the Lenni Lenape Indians for the land.

Old Oak Tree1


I wonder what stories would this old oak tell?




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  1. Cool! There is a old oak tree in Johns Island, S.C. I actually think it is older! I lived real close to it for a year but can’t remember exactly how old it is now. It was amazing to how much it branched out.

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  2. Reminds me of a folk song called, I think, the rope swing. Particularly the words “you showed me an oak tree standing there so tall, thought I’d seen a thing or two, but it had seen it all.”

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  3. Old trees are so beautiful.

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  4. Just lovely. How many young couples spent time under its shade swearing to eternal love?

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  5. Just imagine the stories the tree could tell. ..


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