What Lurks Beneath

Since I moved into my new home here in the county I have found many creatures coming to see who I am.  Some have been welcoming and beautiful, some cute and lumpy or slimy, one scary, and now one frightening.


My fear is that the welcoming frog is now gone and it is not necessarily by choice.

The hole in the step has been temporarily blocked and will be re-cemented in a day or two.  I hope this is the last time I see a snake this close.

It is never a dull moment here at the ranch!


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  1. That’s funny – from over here in Virginia! LOL Poor frog. 😦

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  2. Me too, had 2 snakes in the house here at different times and found about 4 outside over the past 4 years. Hate finding snakes…

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  3. Agreed one hundred percent, we also are not snake friendly. We have two sorts of snakes in the garden here in France, big grass snakes and the much smaller smooth snake. Grass snakes love mice, and I love our wood mice, so if I find a grass snake it gets deported! I catch it by the tail and drop it in a long sack, then we drive it about five miles away and release it. I do hope your frog moved on before the snake moved in.

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    • We have garden snakes which may be similar to your smooth snake. Pretty much harmless but to me a snake is a snake. The as all bite. It has to go one way or the other. Not sure I could bag it up without scaring the life out of the both of us.

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  4. I hope so too Robin. I’ve seen many a snake, some up close and personal… A lot of snakes are harmless, but I don’t know the jersey species to be sure. Cement away and watch your step for a while.

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  5. I’d watch out for that snake….looking at the head..it could be venomous.
    I once got to hold two different kinds of cobras around six feet long. They were so cool. I like snakes. I am more afraid of a jumping grasshopper than a snake…..go figure. Lol….
    It was at a rattlesnake roundup in Sweetwater Texas. Rattlesnakes taste pretty good too! Kind of like fish and chicken….different but good.

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