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Yes the Kitchen Door

I look at my front door a minimum of 2x’s daily and I hate the boring gray color.  So today i purchased some paint.  Ruby Red Slipper and Toasted Wheat (a creamy yellow).  I chose 2 colors because I figured I am in the country and nobody cares what your door looks like and I want it to be different and inviting.

When I painted the first part of the door red it was not as red as I wanted or even close to what was on the card, but it was “OK”.  I still continued and finished painting it red.  Then I painted the inside of the door the creamy yellow.  When I finished the first coat it immediately reminded me of a kitchen door.


This is when I first moved in and nothing was done to the outside.



Screen door removed soon to be replaced. Does this look like a kitchen door?

Be honest does the door look like it should be in a kitchen?   What color do you suggest?  I am also thing of change the window boxes to 1 per window.  Not sure if I like it with 2.  Whats your opinion on this?


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Yesterday I went to the Lawnside NJ fireworks display.  They were celebrating Heritage Day (this is an old link but gives great information).  We did not attend the entire event, just the fireworks.

Here are a few examples of my attempts at capturing the burst of light in the sky.  I could not get the settings just right but I consider this a practice run since 4th of July is next weekend.

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