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What Lurks Beneath

Since I moved into my new home here in the county I have found many creatures coming to see who I am.  Some have been welcoming and beautiful, some cute and lumpy or slimy, one scary, and now one frightening.


My fear is that the welcoming frog is now gone and it is not necessarily by choice.

The hole in the step has been temporarily blocked and will be re-cemented in a day or two.  I hope this is the last time I see a snake this close.

It is never a dull moment here at the ranch!


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Pure Joy and Happiness

Arai’s mommy bought him his first pool. My little grandson had nothing but pure HAPPINESS and was so excited to jump in and get wet.


Make sure you checkout what others are saying about pure!

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(PS don’t tell Arai’s mommy that she is now part of my blog in her PJ’s…LOL)

Beauty and the Beast

I bought a tray of flowers the other day and when I was about to plant them I discovered what looks like an ancient creature from the stone age.

I kinda resembles a grasshopper.  Does anyone know what it is?

that face1

that face2


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