A Pleasant Surprise

While out in the yard today I was debating on what to photography before my work day starts. After assessing my options between the vegetables, hummingbirds or flowers, I decided on the Indigo plant.

The striking dark color of the berries contrasting with the dying leaves and green background I thought it would make a great muse for a few minutes.

Then i saw my fisfirst Praying Mantis abs as i moved areound i see 3 more. There were 4 Praying Mantis on the Indigo plant. I have never seen more then one at a time. It is usually one or maybe, if I am lucky, 2 in a season. This was a pleasant and well need surprise.

The fourth picture was too blurry to post.

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  1. Lucky you. The mantises are beautifully purple like the plant. Our praying mantises are either green or brown.

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  2. Great photos … are those eatable berries?

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  3. Indigo? How interesting. My family ran indigo plantations in India for two centuries before WWI. I’d never actually seen the plant. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  4. How lucky to see so many at one time. What a great post. I just had an encounter with a pregnant praying mantis. https://noelliesplace.com/2019/09/18/pregnant-praying-mantis/

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