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And Another One Visits!

This year I have seen so many Praying Mantis, probably more than I have seen in most of my life combined. Maybe a slight stretch but hopefully you get my point.

I enjoy photographing them as they usually seem to be looking at me trying to figure out what the heck I am doing.

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Still Hanging Around

The Praying Mantis’ are still hanging around my yard. Today I photographed 2, one hanging upside down on my car window (picture to blurry to post) and one hanging around the luffa vine.

Speaking of luffas they are still growing like crazy. I can not put my fingers around it anymore.

Here are 4 more that are going just as fantasticad as the first 2. So in total I have 7 luffas growing.

There is one that is not doing to much growing.

This one started at the same time as my 2 large luffas. For some reason it is not growing at the same rate.

More gardening updates coming soon.

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A Pleasant Surprise

While out in the yard today I was debating on what to photography before my work day starts. After assessing my options between the vegetables, hummingbirds or flowers, I decided on the Indigo plant.

The striking dark color of the berries contrasting with the dying leaves and green background I thought it would make a great muse for a few minutes.

Then i saw my fisfirst Praying Mantis abs as i moved areound i see 3 more. There were 4 Praying Mantis on the Indigo plant. I have never seen more then one at a time. It is usually one or maybe, if I am lucky, 2 in a season. This was a pleasant and well need surprise.

The fourth picture was too blurry to post.

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Wild Berries, a Rose and a Surprise

I finally started cutting the grass on the other side of the garden. This area had not been cut since last year and it is truly out of control.

Under most of the brush there were berries. They were all over.

I also found that there were still some wild Roses that have not completley fade away yet.

As a bonus I found a Praying Mantis!

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A Prayer for Me?

This summer I have seen more Praying Mantis then I have in all the other years of my life.  Today I saw a light green one.  The only camera I had with me at the time was my cell phone.  I snapped a couple of pictures and realized I needed my camera.  By the time I ran up 14 stairs and came back down he/she was gone.




I am I seeing more of these beautiful creatures because powers that be realize that I need a prayer or two? If so I am open for it.  I have been feeling a bit low lately and have not even felt like taking any pictures.  I know I need to snap out of it because we are not given more than we can handle (or so I have heard).  Yes I have made it thru some hard times but I am getting tired of fighting for every thing that I get.

Enough og my pity party.  I hope you like the pic.


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WP Photo Challenge: Summer Lovin’ (2)

WP Photo Challenge: Summer Lovin’

With summer here we find that some bugs want to come into our homes for a little relief from the summer heat and humidity that can at times be overwhelming here in New Jersey.


This little Praying Mantis decided to get a moment of relief.  He was hanging on the inside of my front door.

 Just Hanging Around

Just Hanging Around



 Prying Mantis

Praying Mantis


Pictures are bit blurry as he refused to be still for more than a few seconds at a time.

I need to hurry up and learn shutter speed

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Spring

This weeks photo challenge is to show what Spring is to you.  Spring to me is kids playing, flowers and insects.

Kids make the word go round.  They have such an innocence that can not be denied.




Caila – Paybacks from big brother



Making it rain

The first sign that spring is here is the blooming of flowers.  My favorite flower is the Lily.


Red Yellow Lily

Red Yellow Lily

The next sure sign of spring is the inevitable bug that comes out.  When you see a Praying Mantis I don’t think of bug I think grace and beauty. This Praying Mantis even stopped their stroll to pose for me.

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