Mystery Solved

Steven Baird from Ordinary Handsome sent me a link that identified what my Bee or Humming Bee actually was.  It is a Hummingbird Moth.


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  1. Gorgeous 😍

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  2. Beautiful photos. It’s very different from the hummingbird moths we get out here.

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    • Thank you Timothy! I have never seen or at least noticed one before.

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      • Hummingbird moths are attracted to our butterfly bushes, so we get a lot of them. The cats catch them, bring them inside and let them go. I end up chasing hummingbird moths around the house to catch them and put them outside.


        • Lol I am glad I don’t let my cats outside. So far I have only seen 1 hummingbird moth and it along with a ton of bees are attracted to my Bee Balm plant. I do plan on getting more

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  3. Quite pretty. So it’s more like a butterfly?


  4. Never seen one before your picture… interesting.

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