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Rembering Turtle

This has been a hard week. On April 12th about 4:30am I received one of those calls that we all hope to never receive.

My daughter called me hysterical telling me that my 8 month old nephew died in a freak accident. I am still so numb and don’t really know how to process this.

I went to the hospital and met my daughter and niece still clutching her son and could not believe what I was seeing. Our Turtle was gone.

If he was sick or something like that it would have somewhat prepared us for this and I/we may be able to accept it a tiny bit better.

There are no words that I can say to my niece that would help ease any of her pain. She knows that we are all there for her and her older son when ever they may need us regardless.

Turtle was such a sweet baby until mealtime.  This is when you got to see the other side of this litte cutie.  If you were feeding him and taking way to long for the next spoonful he would growl at you and would even ball up his little fist until he saw that spoon coming in his direction.  Just to hear him growl would make us linger with the spoon slightly longer then needed just to hear it again….it was so cute.

I am posting this as a way of expressing and releasing some of my feelings.  I may not respond to comments but do know that if any are left they will be read and very appreciated.


(I will be responding to all the previous comments very soon.)





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