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7 Days of Nature Challenge (5/7)

By Any Means

This picture was taken about a year ago at a local fishing dock.  It looks like this tree did everything it could to emerge thru the crack.  The leaves are all tattered but it survived.

This is how we should live.  Do what we need to do to achieve out goals.  Don’t get discouraged at the first or second obstacle that gets in our way.  We need to keep pushing towards the goal that we sent.

By Any Means


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7 Days of Nature Challenge (4/7)

One of the things I thought might happen (but hoped would not) when I accepted the 7 Day Nature Challenge has happened….I forgot to post for 2 days.

So today I will make up for my missing post.



50 Reflections

While viewing pictures on IG I came across an image that rcmannjr completed and just knew that I had to try it.  Here is my version. Although it is not as “clean” as his I think it is a good first try.

This is not the first thing that you think of when thinking of nature but as we all know flowers are part of nature.

No nomination now will add a couple with my last Nature Challenge post later today.

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