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7 Days of Nature Challenge (1/7)

Lena over at iPictureThis nominated me for the 7 Day Nature Photo Challenge and I gladly accept.

April has started out like the old saying says “April Showers Bring May Flowers”.  Yesterday was raining off and on all day and today is chilly and very gray.

While running errands today I saw these flowers (of course I don’t know the name) and they brought a bit of sunshine into a dull day.  I wish that the blooms would last longer.

yellow flower 1


To take part in the challenge you are to post one nature photo per day for seven days and nominate a new member.  I do realize that everyone does not like to participate in these types of challenges so if you are nominated please do not feel obligated to participate.

My day one nomination is Steven who blogs at Ordinary Handsome Steven is a writer and photographer.  His photography is wonderful.  He sees things a bit different than most I always enjoy looking at his work.

If you have not seen his work before make sure you visit Ordinary Handsome you will not be disappointed.

Lena thanks for the nomination!


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