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“There are two great days in a person’s life – the day we are born and the day we discover why.”

~ William Barclay


I believe one of the reasons why I was born was to be a mother and a photographer.  I think there is more to the photography part that I am yet to discover.

Have you discovered why you were born? If not too personal, please share.


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  1. I feel that photography nourishes my soul and will lead me to the why. 🙂

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  2. I always liked this quote. I believe part of the reason I was born is to bring happiness to others and to write!

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  3. I think there was a Bronsky Beat song “Tell me why!”. 🙂
    Not really sure why I was born, to be honest.
    Is there really much of a purpose? 😉
    To tell stories?
    B. Good, Robin.

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    • There has to be a purpose…. right? Yes your stories and travels with Scotty is one of them and I am sure there are many other GREAT reasons.

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      • Not sure about “GREAT” reasons. That has been… shattered a few times, and the last blow was last year. One of my brothers (who has been badly hit by Fate) once said to me “we’re only here for reproduction, the survival of the species”. Now, if you “operationalize” that, we’re only here to care for our kids and theirs and so on… 🙂
        (And spin a few yarns along the road) 😉
        Be good Robin.
        Your friend B.

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