When Mom-mom is the Sitter….FUN HAPPENS!

Arai and I spent some time together today on another Adventure.  It is a rainy day here in New Jersey and he needed to release some of his pent-up energy for the sake of everyone else’s sanity.  So I took him to one of his favorite places, the woods, which we refer to as an Adventure.

Here are a few quick pictures that I was able to capture when he slowed down a bit.

                          Look at the happiness on that face!

This is something that his mother would never let him do and since I am Mom-mom she can’t fuss at me for allowing and encouraging it….LOL

Doing the Happy Dance to be in the woods again!









Thanks for visiting!

Another memory created.


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  1. You both seem to have so much fun together. 🙂

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  2. So awesome! Love it!! Dancing in.the rain! 🙂

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  3. Lol maybe one day.


  4. All kids should learn how to puddle jump

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  5. Lovely photos of your kid playing in the puddle!

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