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WP Photo Challenge: Transition (2)

Back in March Gale from Living Day by Day did a post on Snail Mail.  Gale invited others to join and she would send a postcard every so offer and ony asked to receive one in return.

To date I have received 8 postcards  from Gale.  They always came just when I needed that welcomed surprise.

These postcards helped us transition from fellow bloggers to pen pals.  Who knows we may at some point transition to actual friends that visit each other from time to time.

Here are pictures of the post cards received.


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WP Photo Challenge: Transition

Yesterday was Thanksgiving here in the US.  It is a day that we are to give thanks for the blessings that we have receive in the past year.

This particular Thanksgiving was very rewarding.  We were able to mix and mingle with relatives that we have not seen in some time.  It was also a slightly bitter day at the same time.  We celebrated the life of my grandfather who would have been 100 years old this past February 22.  He transitioned to heaven almost 40 years ago at the hands of another over a rental dispute of less than $200.

The image below is of his 6 remaining children holding one of the 9  $1 dollar bills that was in his wallet on that fateful night and his shoes.

~ Horace G. Worthington, II ~

~ Horace G. Worthington, II  2/22/1915 – 12-9-1976 ~


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