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Throwback Thursday: Solitude

The weather is starting to get colder here in NJ so I thought it would be nice to see a beach scene from last April.

I like these annoying seagulls especially when they are alone.


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Wordless Wednesday: Whispers in the Wind

wild grass


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Wordless Wednesday: Journey



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Something New

While browsing Facebook I came across this neat DIY project, then I checked it out on YouTube.  In short you pouring drops of nail polish into a plastic bowl that is 3/4 full of warm water and gently but quickly swirling the polish around to create a design.

My first 5 attempts did not come out to well but I went back out to a thrift store and bought some more white ceramic mugs and tried again.  This time they came out better but I still need a bit of practice in the design stage.



I plan on using these as flower pots.


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Added to this week challenge for Now since I now have a new past time.  

WP Photo Challenge: Now

My family after Christmas breakfast.  This was supposed to be posted yesterday so that it can fit this week’s theme of nowbut procrastination and a full belly prevented me from posting.

Christmas 1

My now (yesterday). Four generations after Christmas breakfast.


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I Made It

Sunday was my 50th birthday.  I made it.  Due to some major health issues in the past I sometimes felt that I would not see 50.  Due to science, doctors, and God, I made through and hope to see many more birthdays.

My children, son-in-law, nephews and sister-in-law (more like a sister) gathered at a local restaurant, Benihanas, to celebrate me turning half century.



Family is everything!

A Gathering of Sorts

A slightly different take on this week’s challenge for a gathering“. 

old parts 1

old parts 3


……a gathering of parts. Check out the other interpretations of Gathering.

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Center Stage

center stage


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Emerging Alien

Sometimes when out taking pictures we have to remember to look down as well as up.  You can possibly be surprised at what you can discover.

Looking up while I was leaving the lake I noticed this tree branch.  When I saw it the first thing I thought was an alien coming out of the tree.

The knot on the side looks like an eye, the broken branches look like the mouth is wide open, and the broken branch on the top could be a curvy horn.

Do you see what I see or is my imagination just running wild?

Emerging Alien!?

Emerging Alien!?


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Wordless Wednesday: Golden Hour – Breaking Through


Breaking Thru the Golden Hour

Breaking Thru the Golden Hour


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