My First…..and it felt good

I work in a home improvement store and I talk to people who are working on some project almost daily.  I decided that i too wanted to make something. A deck.  Is what I decided to tackle.

After about a month I took the plunge and purchased the materials including a new saw.  Although I did not need a saw since they cut the wood for me. I kept it anyway since I decided to create other things.


It is not as big ad I thought but it is a perfect first try at making something from wood.

Will be buying plants to put around my new deck.

Thanks for visiting! 


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  1. Fabulous job, it’s perfect!

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  2. This is neat. I think even I could make this.

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  3. That is fantastic. Great achievement.
    I’ve always liked working with wood since I was a kid. We would remodel our house in Normandy during the holidays, and my father taught me woodwork, electrical wiring, cement, plaster, what have you. But wood is the noblest of materials. (And yes the hardest is to level it!) 😉

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