New Beginnings for 2017


I have not posted may pictures the last couple of months mainly because I feel that I am posting the same thing.  Looking back over the past year I do not see any growth in my photography, I feel that I am not growing.  I upgraded my editing software by getting Photoshop and Lightroom but if the photos are better than those programs won’t help me achieve my goals.

By watching various YouTube videos I learned a lot but I still needed something else to bring it all into together.  Taking a college photography course wold be the best thing for me but the local community college did not have evening or weekend classes, so that was out.  Researching the web I found NYIP (New York Institute for Photography) and signed up.

I am hoping that 2017 I will learn a lot and bring my photography to the next level.

Reading, reading, watching videos and more reading is all that I have been doing since I enrolled in the course about 10 days ago.  So today I decided to work on one of the main things that is throwing me off, “f/stops”.  For some reason this is not fully sinking in.  I do know that the larger the number the less light that comes through the lens and the smaller the number the more light comes through the lens.

In the 3 photos I tried to see the difference by using the same settings except for the f/stop, which I only changed by one stop. I also had on camera flash for each photo.

  • Why is photo 2 brighter than photo 1?  Shouldn’t it be darker since less light is being let into the camera?
  • Although only slight, why does photo 1 look darker than photo 3?
1/60 sec. f/10 55mm

Photo 1 – Sony a65 SLT – 1/60 sec. f/10 55mm ISO 100


1/60 sec. f/13 55mm ISO 100

Photo 2 – Sony a65 SLT – 1/60 sec. f/13 55mm ISO 100


1/60 sec. f/10 55mm

Photo 3 – Sony a65 SLT – 1/60 sec. f/14 55mm ISO 100


Thanks for visiting and any assistance you can provide is MUCH appreciated!



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  1. I haven’t any idea. I would try again to see what happens. This might show how little I know, but was the second photo focused on the background instead of the foreground? Good luck with your course.

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    • Thank you! I did not think about that. I think it was on the flower but now not to sure now. I will try again tomorrow and see what happens.

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      • Robin,

        I am thinking that unless you had set the flash to manual mode like your other settings the camera was adjusting the flash time in your examples to try to keep a constant (i.e., ‘proper’) exposure for your image. And, if the focus is slightly different in the 2nd image – aimed say a little to the right -, perhaps the metering of the flash was on a darker part of the scene than the other two making for a slightly brighter image overall.

        I suggest a different exercise not using the flash. Take photos of an outdoor scene. Fix your ISO like you did before. Then determine the exposure using the camera’s meter while in manual mode. Choose a aperture setting at something like f/8 and adjust the shutter speed for the exposure. Take a photo. Adjust the aperture a full f-stop darker (f/11) leaving everything else the same and take another photo. Adjust a full f-stop lighter (f/5.6) leaving everything else the same and take another photo. You should see the difference. If you want to really exaggerate things, do two full f-stops (f/8 -> f/16; f/8 -> f/4).

        All the best for you in 2017.

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  2. A belated Happy New Year (though I think we have already said that) 🙂
    You feel you’re not progressing? Maybe, maybe not. Trust your instincts.
    If you feel you need more… technique, take the course. But look at your photography
    from another perspective. Think subject or object. Maybe you stick to the same subjects?
    Lots of nature shots for instance. Good ones. But then you do great people shots with your family. Explore people, portraits, street views? Like I said, think subject. What/who do you want to capture? The rest is just technique. Comes easy. 🙂
    Be good my friend. I wish you a great 2017, job-wise. 😉

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    • Thank you and a Happy New Year to you and your family Brian!! You may have indeed wished me a happy new year previously but I am a bit behind on some comments. But it is ok to say again.

      I think that is part of my problem I am ready to expand beyond the nature, landsapes and family. I need more but more requires knowledge. I need to get out of my comfort zone and venture into new areas.
      I need to do what you suggest and look at and expanding my subject matter and see what it is that I like. This is also a question that the course presented as an on going assignment (still working on this).
      I am still struggling with f/stops. took my first test today passed with an 85% .I got 5 questions wrong and they all had to do with f/stops. So youtube it is…LOL
      Thank you Brian

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