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Lately my grandson has been watching his shows on my iPad under the security of his blankets, covers or whatever he can find to be alone.




Entered in this weeks WP Photo Challenge: Seurity.  Make sure you check out the other entries.


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The Lunch Line

This weeks WP Challenge is “Doors”.

Here are  few pictures from the Grounds for Sculpture in Trenton NJ.  It is a remake of the soup lines that we had back in the day.


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Bubbles Galore

Bubbles, bubbles and more bubbles afloat for this weeks WP Photo Challenge.


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WP Photo Challenge: Blur

This was taken June 2006 of my 2 nephews, Carlito and Christian.  I was trying to take a picture of Carlito when Christian decided to dash in front of the camera creating a blur.

These young men will be 12 and 13 this year.  Time truly flies!

Whats the rush?!

Whats the rush?!

To see more great blurry pictures click here.

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WP Photo Challenge: Wall

This weeks entry for the WP Photo challenge: Wall I went back to pictures from this summer and a previous post, Graffiti Street Gallery.





To see more “Walls” check out the WP Daily Post.

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WP Photo Challenge: Depth (of Field)

For this weeks WP Challenge Depth, I decided to do Depth of Field (DOF).  Wikipedia has a lot of information on DOF (Wikipedia DOF) 

How I understand DOF is when a particular part of the photo is in focus but the rested is out of focus or blurry.

Here are a few shots that I took today to show Depth of Field (DOF).

To see more interpretations of Depth click here!

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For last weeks WP Photo Challenge Twinkle I posted a picture of some candles and offered Georgette who blogs at “A Walk on the Bright Side” to use the picture for one of her poems.

Georgetteann created “Eternal” for my Twinkle.

Make sure you go and visit A Walk on the Bright Side.

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