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Batsto Village






Mommy Daddy & the Twins


The Mansion


The Mansion


Car Show

Batsto Village,  in Wharton State Forest, held a car show today.  The weather was perfect.  We had a great day.  Hope you enjoy the pics!

Car Show

Car Show

WP - DSC02010

My Sister-in-law Traci working to get the shot just right

WP - DSC02013

More signs that spring is finally here.

WP - DSC02018


Traci and I were out and about on Route 206 and decided to stop into Atsion Lake in Wharton State Forest to see what pictures we could capture.  It was not too much of a picture-taking view at the lak,e too much of an overcast and everything looked grayish.  I was able to snap a few shot.   UPDATE 4/28/14 I am glad that we went to the Atsion Lake in Wharton State Forest the other day because it has now caught fire.  I hope that all is well and no one got hurt or worse.

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