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The A-B-C’s of Life

On Face Book there are always a lot of videos that make you wonder why did they do that or just nasty and disgusting.  But there have been times that the videos are interesting and uplifting.

I saw a video today on Dr. Farrah Grays Face Book page and I had to listen to this young man give his graduating speech several times.  It is very uplifting.

I am not able to add the actual video so here are the ABC’s of Life

A  –  Accept the Challenge

B – Believe in yourself

C – Convert your thoughts into hopes

D – Determination to convert your hopes into dreams

E – Expect some obstacles along the way

F – Fight while being faithful & finish the course

G – Get God on your side

H – Have a “Harvey” marvel of leadership (I am assuming that he means be like Steve Harvey with his mentoring programs-if you can  tell what he is saying please let me know so I can make the correction).

I – Inspire someone else

J – Take Jesus on your journey

K – Keep on keepin’ on

L – Be a leader

M – Make everyday count


Stop and smell the roses or Tulips…

N – NEVER give up

O – Overcome our obstacles

P – Put our best foot forward

Q – Quit quitting

R – Run the race with patience

S – Strive on while keep….

T – Trusting in the Lord

U – Use our talents

V – Value our time

W – Wait for understanding

X – X-ray our own style

Y – Yearn to achieve all that we desire

Z – Be zealous when reaching the top




Open that door and your mind and go out and see what you (me included) can accomplish!

Life is GREAT if we do not get stuck in our own minds!

Check out the Challenge to make the uplifting quotes a reality.


Longwood Gardens

One my day trip to Longwood gardens last weekend I found some beautiful and different flowers.  This is one of them.  This is a bloom on a tree, I do not know what it is called.  It looks like a pink hairy caterpillar with yellow tips on the end of each strand of hair.


 I liked this one because of the contrast between the yellow cluster of anther in the center and the burgundy petals that protect it.  


 I am not sure what type of Orchids these are but they are beautiful.

 Although this Orchid has a few blemishes on its petals I still LOVE Orchids.  It kind of reminds me of Gene Simmons of KISS sticking out his super long tongue.



 Here are some rich dark Purple Tulips sometimes referred to as Black Heroes.


 Lavender.  The flowers on a Wisteria vine are very fragrant with lavender.  My mother as two large Wisteria vines (trees) in her yard.  When they are in bloom I love to sit in her back yard and absorb the fragrance.  





 There are hundreds of varieties of Roses.  Each one more beautiful than the next.  They say roses are a girls best friend (second to diamonds).




The Lily

Lilies are my favorite flower.  I love all varieties.  This is a new one for me.  The Oriental Lily.  It has at least 2 sets of petals.   

Thank You for viewing some of my Reflections



   More pictures of Longwood Gardens coming soon…

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