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Open Invitation to Roam

How many of you photographers out there view a “private property no trespassing” sign as an open invite to cross that imaginary line just a bit?

Open invitation

I don’t usually break the law but when I see something that I want to photography and I have viewed this sign as an invitation to proceed.

As a result of todays “invitation” I was able to capture these 2 rusty old tractors. It felt as if they were calling my name “….Robin, Robin over here…” LOL

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WP Photo Challenge: On the Way

What I see on the way to Woodstown NJ

At this garden and farm supply company they have a colorful way to attract customers.  As you see there is blue tractor on top of a waterfall that has matching water flowing down the rocks.  At times when there is a green tractor there the water is also green.  Not just green but fluorescent green.  It looks like it would glow in the dark.



I believe this next picture is to represent that they have so much mulch that it is overflowing fromtheir trucks.




Make sure you check out what others see on the way!

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