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Pure Joy and Happiness

Arai’s mommy bought him his first pool. My little grandson had nothing but pure HAPPINESS and was so excited to jump in and get wet.


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(PS don’t tell Arai’s mommy that she is now part of my blog in her PJ’s…LOL)


Graffiti Street Gallery & The Delaware River

Took a ride with some photographers to the decaying coal pier in Port Richmond, PA (just outside Philadelphia).  This place is a hidden gem.  The pillars in his place are the canvases to these young artist.


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I am assuming that this is where the ships would come in with the coal for the electic company a few miles away.





While we were there kids were even swimming in this river.

I know most of their parents would ground them if they knew what they were doing.  This could be very dangerous.

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On the Delaware River

Photo Excursion – Con’t

On our recent trip to Cape May a few weeks ago to try to see the butterfly migration we made a little side trip to the beach.  Once we got there my niece Caila wanted go swimming, had to tell her no swimming in October. But how can you go to the beach without at least getting your feet.  So I let her put her feet in the ocean and then I had a great idea, just to take pictures of her feet.

It was different because then you did not have to worry trying to get her to have a “natural” or “happy” expression on her face.


Childhood innocence.  This day brought back memories of when I was a child and my mother would take us to Atlantic City and walk the boardwalk. This was before the casinos came to town…LOL

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