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WP Photo Challenge: Dance

This is straight out of camera (SOOC) from my beautiful and dramatic sunset from last night.

I believe this fits this week’s challenge, Dance as it appears to be a roaring fire in the sky.

Fire always looks like it is dancing to me.

sunset 2 3-17-16

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A Blazing Sunset

Tonight’s sunset was beautiful.

The camera did not do it justice.

I like how the clouds look like smoke billowing around the sky.

Sunset 3-17-16

Minor edits to the top photo and I added a drama effect to the below image.

when gods angry 3-17-16

Which do you prefer?  I can’t decide they are the same yet very different.

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Vacation Sunrise Day 4

Tuesday,  August 18, 2015. 

Point of View

Point of View



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