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Wordless Wednesday

Well almost wordless….there is only 34 days till the first day of spring and not to far from that will we start to see new leaves sprouting from trees and plants popping up from the ground. I cannot wait

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Coming to Life

Today was another chilly and rainy day here.  However, I did not let that stop me from taking a few pictures.

My yard is starting to come alive again.

“Photography is more than a medium for factual communication of ideas. It is a creative art.”

By Ansel Adams

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He’d Rather Be….

My grandson, Arai, has been a bit under the weather the last couple of days with a cold and asthma acting up again.  Instead of him resting like his mother said, he’d rather be out in the snow with me taking pictures.  He did not care that he had his pajama shorts on and his shoes on the wrong feet he was determined that he was going out.

I had to convince him that if he was better tomorrow we will go out and play in the snow.


We are experiencing a winter wonderland. The new says that it could be as much as 12 inches.

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In Honor of…..


My shadow also known as my grandson Arai, was helping me pull weeds in the flower bed today.  He wants to do what mom-mom is doing but his attention span needs to be a bit longer.  I did more calling him back to help me finish me then he actually worked.  He is a work in progress….




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It has finally come, March 31 2017 was my last day of work.  I have been laid off (this is a good thing).  Knowing that you are going to be laid off is mentally a hard thing to deal with.  It felt like I was asked for a divorce but I refused and kept coming back to see if they would change there mind.  It was hard to keep coming back each day.  Since I did not have a plan I came back each and everyday.  I am glad that it is finally over.

Now I can mentally debrief for a bit before I start looking for something new to do.

On a more positive note….this has been a great winter, only 2 maybe 3 real days of snow, temperatures have been above average and spring is officially finally here.

My first flower has bloomed!


Gardening work begins this week…..


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Behind the Veil

For my final sunset post I present to you Behind the Veil.  I drove about 1 mile from the first set of sunset photos to a lake to hopefully get another great shot.

The color started to change as the sun dropped even more.  Now I am able to see a bit of purple and pink in the clouds.  Although the color is not as dramatic as the fiery orange from the earlier pictures, I still like how it came out.

sunset 3 3-17-16

Behind the Veil   

sunset 4 3-17-16

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Bubbles Galore

Bubbles, bubbles and more bubbles afloat for this weeks WP Photo Challenge.


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WP Photo Challenge: Blur (2)

I went to a local park today with my grandson and daughter and had a good time.  My daughter and I even got on the slide.  Don’t ask where are the pictures as I will not be posting them…LOL

Here are some pictures for the WP Photo Challenge: Blur.

1/200, f6.3 ISO 100

1/200, f-6.3 ISO 100 Slightly blurry

1/13, F22 ISO 100

1/13, F-22 ISO 100 Almost invisible (should have also adjusted the ISO)

My handsome grandson was a pleasant muse for today.

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Wordless Wednesday




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72 days 19 hours 7 minutes 49 seconds

Just a few days ago I posted some pictures for the WP Photo Challenge: New at a lake by my job. Here is a Snowy perspective from the same lake taken today.

We received less than 2 inches of snow today and I realize that is not a lot compared to some other states but it is still enough for me to wish spring was here.

At the time of this post Spring is only 72 days 19 hours 7 minutes 49 seconds away.

Check out the Spring count down clock here.

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