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This small snail was found hiding in my stringbean plant.

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Turning Over a Brick

While cutting the grass today I had to move a brick and when I turned it over I find these 2 snails just resting there.

The official name for snails is gastropod mollusks. Click the link to learn some interesting facts.

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What Lurks in Nature

While walking in my yard taking pictures of flowers I noticed something moving on a tree. It was some sort of insect and some had wings. There were thousands of them lined up all around the tree marching towards the top.

Does anyone know what they are?

When I saw the snail I thought that the bugs were going to swarm it and have a nice dinner. But to my surprise they just moved around it as if they were just checking it out then they started marching towards the top again.

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My New Home Oasis

Yesterday well before the giant spider incident, I was working on my flowerbed on the side of the house. I went to pick up a flowerpot and there was a snail just sitting there. So I started checking the other pots and I found three more.

Where do the come from? This country living is showing me some new things.  I have of course seen snails before but never with a shell on in my yard.

Made me wonder how the shell is formed. So I searched around the internet and found that it is because of the calcium that they need to survive.  Part of the shell also contains a piece of the shell that they were born with.


My post for tomorrow I will show you what else I found in my flowerbed.

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