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Side Street Sunday (2)

Side Street Sunday

Today for my Side Street Sunday post I decided to go to a well know park here in Camden County, Cooper River Park.  Instead of taking the usual route, I decided to take a side street that I have never ventured on.  

As a result of trying something new I ended up at a different end of the park that I have never seen before.  This is a nice and relaxing area.  Not many people were there like it usually is at the other end of the park.

Number 2 & 6 are also my entries for the WP Photo Challenge: Descend.  Click here to see my first entry into this weeks challenge.


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Side Street Sunday – 1

Today was another beautiful day here in South Jersey.  After I ran my errands I decide to take a lesser road traveled and venture on to a side street.  

I rarely use this street as it really does not go anywhere but it has wonderful curves and I tought that the changing colors of the trees would look great on this particular street.

Unfortunately I think I am about 2 weeks too late to see the most color.  Most of the leaves have already fallen but there was still some left.


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