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Flower of the Day 7/28/19 – Change

You’ll never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.

John C. Maxwell

Pink Rose – Rosa Rosa

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Wild Berries, a Rose and a Surprise

I finally started cutting the grass on the other side of the garden. This area had not been cut since last year and it is truly out of control.

Under most of the brush there were berries. They were all over.

I also found that there were still some wild Roses that have not completley fade away yet.

As a bonus I found a Praying Mantis!

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Lasting Beauty

These roses have been around for a while,  long after the beauty has lasted.

It is now time for them to go in the trash.  This is one reason I prefer plants to cut flowers.  I hate throwing them away.


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Unraveling of Beauty



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Who I am

I have signed up for the Blogging 101 course and the first assignment is to introduce myself and explain why I blog.

I am a laid back easy-going woman in my late 40’s who was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2000 and again in 2003.  I am a survivor now for sightly over 11 years.  Between diagnosis, treatments and life my mind was on over load with a lot of negative thoughts.

During this time I treated myself to a camera and began snapping away.  I viewed each picture as a small piece of my soul that was saved.  As long as I was taking pictures I wasn’t thinking those negative thoughts again.  It was a time of peace.  

In May of 2011 Reflections for MY Soul the blog was born.  It was initially for uplifting quotes, positive thoughts and the occasional gentle vent session with a photo or 2 sprinkled in there somewhere. This went on for just under 3 years with roughly 20 post made during this time.

April 2014 I set my mind to truly get into this blogging thing.  I have posted and additional 240 post with all of them centered on photography, since that is what saved my Soul.    

The goal is for Reflections for My Soul blog to work hand in hand with Reflections for My Soul the book (a work in progress).  Eventually I would like to open this blog or another so that others can share how they were able to save their soul when they were facing a medical crisis.




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How many petals does a rose have?

How many petals are there on your average red rose?

It is so intriguing how a rose opens up.

The wonders of nature.


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Baby’s Breath

A Bouquet for me

When most people get a bouquet of roses they take pictures of only the roses (myself included).  Today I decided to also photograph the baby’s breath.


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WP Photo Challenge: Descent

This weeks WP Photo Challenge is Descent

My entry for “Descend” is a the point of view from a rose.

I purchased a bouquet of red roses yesterday and the petals are beginning their descent  to the floor.


Descending Petals

de·scent – dəˈsent/noun
1. an action of moving downward, dropping, or falling.
        “the plane had gone into a steep descent”
2.the origin or background of a person in terms of family or nationality.
        “American families of Hungarian descent

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Soft in color & texture

A Thorny Rose

Our life is like a thorny rose
Not perfect, but always beautiful
The thorns represent the hardships in our lives.
The delicate red petals represent the fun and beautiful things in our lives.
As a young rose the petals hugging around the seed are the family and friends who protect, love, and care for us.

By Kirston D. Warfield




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