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Mr. Pete and Arai

The area that I live in is fairly rural.  There are farms and a couple of horse ranches in my little town.  I have been telling Arai that we will top by one soon.  Well today is the day that we went to see the horses.  We went to the ranch that is about a mile from our home, Arai was so excited during our short little ride.

The owner of the Ranch is Mr. Pete.  Mr. Pete took time with Arai to explain a few things about horses, like how he should not approach a horse and how a horse sees (since eyes are on he side of the head).

Arai was excited and cautions at the same time.  Here are just a few of our moments.

The Adventure Begins – Arai and Mr. Pete

Mr. Pete was really nice and took the time to explain and answer his questions.  He even helped me.  I always thought that a pony was generic name for all young horses but I have been corrected.  A Pony is a type of horse, a foal is a baby horse one year or younger, a colt is a young male horse and a filly is a young female horse.


Another moment created for my grandson.

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Say Cheeeesssseee

While I was visiting Winnie at the Ranch I notice this horse (no name again) coming up to the fence.  So I ventured over to him and he just started “talking”.  He made me feel more at ease.  Although I like horses their size makes me a bit apprehensive.  I think I masked it pretty good as I did not want them to feel any negative energy from me.



This short video is of another horse in this same pen.  I think after he saw how the horse above was interacting with me he decided to join in.


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No Side Street Sunday Post

Normally on Sundays I would post my Side Street Sunday pictures but today I stayed home. My grandson Arai did not want to go to the sitters, he wanted to be with Mom-mom, so I relented and agreed that he can stay with me.

My grandson is a handful (in a good way most of the time) so I knew that it would be challenging if we went out on an adventure and on top of that it was not a really great day for pictures.  I opted to stay in watching Dora the explorer and Team Umizoomi just to name a couple of the children’s shows that I had the pleasure of viewing.

Between his million and one questions and singing along with Dora,  I managed to go thru some old pictures and do minor edits in SnapSeed to make several post.

I stopped by this ranch about 2 years ago and the owners were generous and allowed me to take a few pictures.  These are only 3 of the horses that they had. As soon as I started to walk to the fence they came to introduce themselves to me.  Over time I have forgotten their names so for this post I have renamed them…..Espresso, Butterscotch and Octavius





Butterscotch & Octavius 



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