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After the Storm

Worrying does not take away

tomorrow’s troubles,

It takes away today’s peace.

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Raindrops are falling on my head 16/30

Well not exactly.

We have been under a heat wave the last few days here in New Jersey.  Humidity has been almost unbearable and today we ae getting some relief from some much-needed rain.

In the late afternoon the rain finally began coming down.  So what does one do when it rains?  We get the camera out and start clicking away.

I put a piece of plexiglass covered with a tinted film on the top landing of the step and just waited for the rain to come.  The pictures did not come out great. Still working on settings out of auto mode.



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Traffic lights

This week’s WP Challenge is abstractHere is my interpretation of abstract traffic lights. I turned the wipers off as I was sitting at a traffic light during last night’s storm.



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Thru the Rain

Today was a perfect day for the 3rd WP Photo Assignment Water.  Here in New Jersey we are getting rained out before the “BIG snow storm” hits night.

A view of rain drops thru my windshield.  I did a similar post (Thirsty Tuesday) this past summer when this pond was lush and green.

Thru the rain

Thru the rain


This next flower is one that I posted last summer.  I love how the droplet is reflecting the grass and trees.

Life reflected

Life reflected


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Through the Needles

A storm is a brewing

Trying to work with shutter speed to catch some lightning in this storm that just start this evening.

But it is still a work in progress.


~A storm is brewing~


~Some lightning behind the clouds~

~Before the rain trying to catch some lightning ~

~Before the rain comes ~


~The rain and hail have arrived!~


~A Flash of lightning~


~The storm has moved on to the next town~




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