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Autumn Colors

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A Snowy Day

Down here in the southern NJ area we received another bit of snow, about 3-4 inches.  In my part of southern NJ I believe we have received around 12 inches this season.  Much less then last years total snow fall of just under 50 inches.

It is nothing like the snow that the New England area has received.  So far this year they have received over 75 inches of snow and the season is not even over yet.  Check out NewEnglandGardenAndThread to see all the pictures of the snow fall(s) they have received.

Back down here in NJ I took some pictures of a few items that stood out to me on this snowy day.

Where do the birds go?

The snow was powdery so it did not last on most of the trees for too long.

Have you ever wondered where the birds go after the babies leave the nest?  Where do they sleep in the winter?  Just a thought.

Snow covered stream

Snow covered stream

This snow-covered stream by my job looks like a peaceful path to take and explore the woods.  However don’t be fooled there is water under there.

Lunchtime View

Lunchtime View

Usually on my lunch break I sit by the lake/pond that is by my office and just relax.  Even though it is winter I still like to look at the (snow-covered) lake.

Click here to see a post of the lake from the summer.


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WP Photo Challenge: Depth (of Field)

For this weeks WP Challenge Depth, I decided to do Depth of Field (DOF).  Wikipedia has a lot of information on DOF (Wikipedia DOF) 

How I understand DOF is when a particular part of the photo is in focus but the rested is out of focus or blurry.

Here are a few shots that I took today to show Depth of Field (DOF).

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WP Photo Challenge: New

This weeks WP Photo Challenge is New

I decided to take some new pictures of a pond on my lunch break today.  Although the weather is getting cold and there is not much life (visible) at the lake was still relaxing and allowed for some reflection on the New Year.

For the last year or more I have been in a “rut”. This year is time for new thoughts and actions.  I will stop putting off till tomorrow what I can do today.  I will also be starting a new projet that has been on my mind for some time.

What is your version of “New”?

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Wordless Wednesday


How would you caption this scene?

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Lunchtime View



The wild flowers were attracting so many dragonflies but I was not able to capture a good picture of any of them.


The butterflies were also enjoying the calmness of the pond and of course their lunch as well.


I hope you enjoy.
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The other day I wanted to take some pictures of the local ducks. So I take a ride to one of the ponds close to my house and add soon as I pull up to the pond the Ducks start to race for my car. They were looking for some free food. 


I never went to this particular pond before so I did not realize that it was a requirement to bring food.  Needless to say I was empty handed.  Since there were so many ducks I decided that it would be best to pay for the pictures that I wanted to take. 

I go to the local convenience store and buy some crackers.

When I returned the Ducks were still waiting for me.  They must be used to this routine. 

After I fed them some crackers they allowed me to take they’re pictures. 


They even posed for me. 



I think this duck, who I affectionately will call Marvin, was flirting with me so he could get more food thrown his way.
PS. I think these are actually Canadian Geese but not positive.

A stroll in the park


A bridge has no allegiance to either side.” By Author unknown

Took a walk in Berlin Park today. I lived in this area for most of my life and never actually walked this park. 


A Dragonfly even decided to pose for me. 


I am not sure if this is a “weed” or a “flower” but I thought it photographed nicely. 

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