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Frank Rizzo

Frank Rizzo was the a mayor of Philadelphia from 1972 – 1980.  From what I remember you either loved him or hated him and this was divided mainly on race lines. Click here for an article in the NY Times or his Facebook page that is providing some history or this larger than life man.

While at a stop sign I saw this man sizing up Mr. Rizzo.








Former Mayor of Philadelphia


Frank Rizzo


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Emerging beauty


Throw back Thursday.  Took this pick a few weeks ago at my mother’s house (if you haven’t figured it out yet she has a lot of flowers and plants).

Trying out a new  editing app, Snapsee, on my phone and I like it very much.  Much easier to use that photoshop.

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A Walk Down Memory Lane

I am Jersey born and raise but for a couple of years I lived in Peoria Arizona.  In my perfect world I would have a home in New Jersey and Arizona.  That would make me a very happy person.   At times I would long for Arizona and those feelings were triggered today when I reviewed a fellow bloggers post, iRiPhotography. This picture inspired me to pull up some of my desert picks.  

Prior to moving to Arizona I never though that I would find the desert calming but it did just that, calmed me on those bad days.  I would just get in my Saturn and drive up route 17 and just get off a random exit to see what was there and I was always able to find a view that I liked. 

Thanks Joseph for the walk down memory lane!


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