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Brotherly Love….

….and Sisterly Affection.  That is what Philadelphia,  PA represents.


This is my entry for this week’s photo challenge: One Love.

This was taken December 2014 at the Christmas Festival in Love Park.

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Side Street Sunday

My visit to Love Park and City Hall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Click on the links to learn about the City of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection.

One little know fact about the Love Park statue is that actor Kevin Bacon’s father was involved in its creation/planning.

Click to learn more about the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Pictures taken with Samsung Note 4 and Sony @65

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Kris Kringle aka Santa

Santa decided to stay in the city of Philadelphia for a few more days and I was lucky to get a shot of him at Love Park last night.

Kris Kringle

Kris Kringle

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WP Photo Challenge: Warmth

Today my cousin Michael and I went to Philadelphia, PA to take some pictures for my “Side Street Sunday” post.  On our way to Love park we stopped on a random street to take some shots and this young lady started smiling for my cousins camera or maybe just for Michael.

She totally fits this weeks WP Photo Challenge – Warmth.  Here in NJ/PA the weather was in the low 50’s.  Was it a nice day?  Yes it was a beautiful day here, but definitely not warm enough for shorts and flip-flops.






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Mr. Keebler lives at Longwood Gardens!

I found Mr. Keebler and the Keebler Elves home!  While walking around the beautiful grounds of Longwood Gardens, I spotted this large old tree.  It was a big old tree that had to be more than a 100 years old.  It was HUGE.  I could not fit the whole tree in a picture.

At the base of the tree you could see the large roots going into the ground and you just know that the root system has to be at least 30 feet or more out.  Remember that a trees root system is twice the distance of the branches that extend out.  As I examined the roots, I noticed an indentation in the base of the tree.  It was a doorway.  

My imagination began to run wild as if I was about 8 years old again.  It popped into my head about Mr. Keebler.  The elf that lives and works in a tree.  Could this be his home and workshop? 




 Longwood Gardens is a beautiful place.  It was once the private estate of Pierre S. du Pont.    According to the records of the Garden he purchased the property to save trees that were scheduled to be cut down and used for lumber (is this one of the trees that he saved?)

This is just one of the beautiful wonders in my back yard.  I will be posting more pictures from Longwood Gardens.  I have over 700 to review.










































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