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After they leave

Clementon Park is located in Clementon, New Jersey and has been around since 1907. It is not big like the Six Flags amusement parks but it is great for the local community.

There is a different feel to the park when there are no children running around and having the time of their lives.


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Wild Berries

Went to a Park yesterday in Sewell NJ for a very brief walk before I had to get the brakes on my new car fixed (story for another day).

There were several large patches of wild flowers.  This particular patch had some berries.

Some of the berries  look like miniature green pumpkins.  What do you think?


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WP Photo Challenge: Express Yourself

WordPress Photo Challenge: “Express yourself”

I do not take selfies so the best way that I can express myself for this challenge is to post more pictures of what I like.

As the title of my blog Reflections for MY Soul, each picture represents me so I am expressing myself through the things that I see.

The Ferris Wheel of Clementon Park and Splash World.  Lately I have wanted to take a picture of the Ferris Wheel.  When the park re-opens in the spring I will be getting a night shot with the Ferris Wheel all lit up.


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