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A moment out


Wanna play?

Wanna play?


Caught the ball and laughing!

Caught the ball and laughing!


Discovering his first pinecone.

Discovering his first pine cone.

An little break taking my grandson outside to play with his Winnie the Pooh ball and in the process he discovered a pine cone.

A Splash of Color

I went to Mill Creek Park in Willingboro, NJ yesterday.  I wanted to take pictures of the colors of the leaves and whatever else caught my eye.  

I decided to tackle Photoshop again and learn how to use “selective” color.  Which wasn’t hard after I viewed a tutorial on YouTube.  Here are a few samples…..








I am not to sure if I like this one but practice makes perfect.


Here is another one.  This leaf was just laying there surrounded by other leaves that had already changed.







Not too much the next set of photos, Removed color and reduced the brightness.










Friendly critiques welcomed….

A late addition….

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