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Early Surprise

Today I received an early Mother’s Day gift from my supervisor, Ann.

I have worked for this company for 5 1/2 years and never received anything for Mother’s Day. This was a very welcomed surprise.

rose 25

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When allowed to grow free

I went to the Cape May Zoo for Mother’s Day Sunday, we had a great time.

I previously  posted a picture of a wisteria plant/bush that my mother had in her back yard, well the zoo had this GIANT  wisteria that makes my mother’s plant look like a dwarf.


Wisteria 1


Wisteria 2


I was not able to capture the entire tree but you can two that is us extremely big.

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Philadelphia Zoo for Mother’s Day!

Philadelphia Zoo for Mother’s Day!


A lot of the animals where sleeping or not in the mood for pictures.  I think the large crowd may have been a factor.

 Another trip planned to get the other favorites.

Philadelphia Zoo – #100HAPPYDAYS DAY 5

Today I spent time with family at the Philadelphia Zoo for Mother’s Day. the Philadelphia Zoo is officially Americas 1st Zoo established March 21, 1859 but due to the Civil War it did not officially open the gates until July 1, 1874.  

I uploaded 2 videos.  One of the new attractions at the Zoo is the Catwalk.  This was really fun to watch the big cat walk over us.  My nephew wanted to know how fun would it be if the Tiger decided to pee on our heads….Teenagers.

I also caught a Peacock doing its mating dance.

More pictures to follow…..


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