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Goodnight WP

Here is my first attempt at photographing the moon in 5 years. The previous attempt was the Super moon of 2014.

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Back to the drawing board

Tonight the moon looked so inviting and it called me out on a challenge.  I accepted the challenge and did not fare so well.  actually I failed.   But that is the only way to improve ones skills and knowledge.

I need to pull out my notes from the photography course that I took earlier this spring and try it again hopefully tomorrow if te moon is up for another challenge.

Click here for a picture of the moon that I previously took and posted to WP Photo Challenge: Nighttime.  It also could be a bit better but is pretty good for a first time capture.


Show me your pictures of the moon by adding your link in the comments.


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WP Photo Challenge: Nighttime

My entry into this week’s Photo Challenge.

When I was taking an intro photography class I learned a bit about shutter speeds and this was one of the assignments.


My first good moon capture.

I still need some practice as I have not attempted it again since this assignment.

This WP Challenge will get me out there this weekend getting some updated night shots.  

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Super Moon




Check out the information about Super Moons:

First Super Moon for 2014




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