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A Witches Mop

My first thought when I edited this pictures was the mop from the Mickey Mouse movie “Fantasia”.  I first watched this movie back in the 1970’s

After I watched the trailer I realized that my memory was a bit off in the way I remembered how the mop looked.  Although it is not the same as Mickey’s magical mop  I see a mop, maybe it is a witches mop.

Do you see it or am I still a bit confused.

Witches Mop

Witches Mop

Sorcerer’s Apprentice – Fantasia

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Just Chillin’ Out

The other day after my grandson got dressed he wanted to watch Dora while his mother and I were getting ourselves together for the day.  We realised it was a bit too quiet so we checked in on him to see what he was into.  Well he was not into much just “chillin’ out”.

Chillin' Out

Chillin’ Out

Now where he got the idea to lay his head on the sofa, his butt on a Mickey Mouse chair and his leg across a table we have no clue.  Then on top of that he looks at us like we are disturbing him in his leisure.


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