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Wordless Wednesday…

…..well just a few words.

After the snowy day we had on Tuesday and the freezing day we had today with 24 degree temperatures with a wind chill of 6 degrees this sky was very deceiving.

The sky makes it look like it was a warm sunny day.





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Paper Whites

On December 14th I purchased some Paper Whites.  Once I got home I decided to photograph the growth of the plant.  The plant is by my door so the only time that I pass it is on my way in and my way out and of course I do not remember to capture the picture of the day as I should.

Some of the pictures were also taken on my cell phone and they are not the best for indoor shots (at least for me).

By day 10 the buds are just about ready to bloom.  Maybe tomorrow they will indeed be blooming.

The root system is what fascinated me the most.  It amazes me how the roots will just wind around the rocks to keep growing.

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