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Extension Tubes or filters?

I just purchased a set of extension tubes and macro filters so that I could get better macro shots.  The extension tubes ran about $70 and the set of filters (7) was about $25.  Cost wise, as most of you know, it is better than getting a true macro lens (for now anyway).

The extension tubes are a bit tricky to use.  I did not do enough research prior to purchase to know that there was a difference in the types of tubes that you can get. You have manual and autofocus luckily I go the set that can do autofocus.

It has only been a few hours of playing and so far I am happy with them.  It will take me a minute to figure out the right combination to get the image that I am looking for.

What are your thoughts on using filters or extension tubes?

Here are a few examples SOOC (straight out of camera).


Very dificult at first to find the focus point.


Getting there.

No copping

No copping


Crop- 1

Crop 3

Crop 2 – poor lighting, believe clarity would have been much better had lighting been better.

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