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Self Love – Flower of the Day 7/10/19

“To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.”

—Oscar Wilde

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Love is like a Butterfly – Quote of the Day

“Love is like a butterfly: It goes where it pleases and it pleases wherever it goes.” ~Author Unknown

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Down Memory Lane

Since I was about 14 years old I started saving all birthday cards, Christmas cards, postcard, poems and letters that I have received from family and friends.

Today I was going through one of the boxes and came across some postcards that my uncle sent to me back in 1981 when he was traveling the world with the US Air Force.

But the most heart warning thing I found were 2 cards that my kids gave me. One was for my birthday and the other one was just because.

This card was for my 34th birthday and it says that I am over the hill!  Since I am now 51 what does that make me? 😆😆

And this card was just because.

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Locks of Love

Locks of Love Jersey style.

This is the only lock that was on the overpass when I visited last weekend.

Click on the link and you can see other locks that have been left at the overpass in the past as a symbol of love.


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Loves Heart

This week’s WP Photo Challenge is Optimistic.

I am very optimistic about finding Love again.  Love is a beautiful thing with all of its ups and downs.   There is nothing greater than being in love and being loved back.

This fried rice heart was created by the chef at Benihana’s for my birthday.  He even made it beat.

just a splash2


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Wordless Wednesday: For those lost

"A Light for You"

“A Light for You”

After the Love

I love flowers.  Most weeks I treat myself to a bouquet or two of assorted flowers.  This last week I brought a beautiful bouquet of roses with the intention of taking some pictures.  Well life got in the way and that never happened.

They have since dried out and need to be discarded but I still wanted to take a picture of them.


after the love 1

After the Love 1


after the love 2

After the Love 2

When Love Dies

When love dies,
It ceases to exist.
And the flame that used to be,
Ceases to persist

It feels like a wound that won’t stop bleeding,
Like it’s your last breath you’re about to take,
And it feels like your soul’s watching,
And all you can do is pray you wake.

When love dies,
It’s like everything slows down to a stop
The tears that came rolling down your cheeks
Are taking ages to drop

To the cold tiled floor
I fell onto my knees,
It felt as if the light followed her shadow,
As she slammed closed the door…

Love died,
I know this because my soul died too.
And it was hurting as much
As all the pain I put her through.

When love died
I ceased to exist
The only thing that kept us together…
Ceased to persist.

by Billy Arends

Which do you prefer 1 or 2 or neither?


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Family Friend Poems

WP Photo Challenge: Connect (2)

The comfort of a mother.

Connected by Love

Connected by Love

A stolen moment of my sister-in-law and nephew.

A bit of connection and love on the beach.

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Wordless Wednesday

 Love Tree

Have you ever carved your name into a tree to declare your love for someone?

Love Tree 1

Love Tree 1

Love Tree 2

Love Tree 2

Love Tree 3

Love Tree 3

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How many petals does a rose have?

How many petals are there on your average red rose?

It is so intriguing how a rose opens up.

The wonders of nature.


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