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Wordless Wednesday- Currituck Lighthouse

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In the palm of her hands

Well the vacation is over so it is now time to share some vacation pictures.

Caila and I went to Bodie Lighthouse with the intent of climbing to the top.  We were not able to climb to the top (thank god!) since the tickets were sold out.

But she was able to lift it with her bare hands which is indeed a rare feat.

Just a tad bit heavy

Just a tad bit heavy


Click the link for information about Bodie Lighthouse.

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Lighthouse in Corolla, NC

On my way to get information on the wild horses in Corolla  my niece and I came across a lighthouse.

Currituck Beach Lighthouse was completed on December 1, 1875. This is still a functioning lighthouse that is owned by OBC (Outer Banks Conservationist).

Some facts:

  1.  There are 220 steps to the top
  2. 1,000,000 bricks
  3. Base of the lighthouse is over 5 1/2 feet thick
  4. Top of lighthouse is 3 feet thick

Check out Wikipedia for more facts.

Currituck Lighthouse

Currituck Lighthouse


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Cape May Lighthouse

 Cape May NJ Lighthouse

Click the link above for some history on the lighthouse.

Cape May NJ

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