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WP Photo Challenge: Blur (2)

I went to a local park today with my grandson and daughter and had a good time.  My daughter and I even got on the slide.  Don’t ask where are the pictures as I will not be posting them…LOL

Here are some pictures for the WP Photo Challenge: Blur.

1/200, f6.3 ISO 100

1/200, f-6.3 ISO 100 Slightly blurry

1/13, F22 ISO 100

1/13, F-22 ISO 100 Almost invisible (should have also adjusted the ISO)

My handsome grandson was a pleasant muse for today.

Click here to see my first entry for this weeks challenge.

Make sure you also go to the DP to see other blurred images.

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WP Photo Challenge: Nighttime

My entry into this week’s Photo Challenge.

When I was taking an intro photography class I learned a bit about shutter speeds and this was one of the assignments.


My first good moon capture.

I still need some practice as I have not attempted it again since this assignment.

This WP Challenge will get me out there this weekend getting some updated night shots.  

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