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WP Photo Challenge: Fray

This weeks WP Photo Challenge is FRAY.

Fray is the inner conflict that I feel when determining what path I need to take vs the one I want to take.  I struggling daily going to a job that I almost HATE (I am thankful that I have a job in this economy) instead of working on my dreams and aspirations.

I stay positive most of the time knowing that I will achieve my goal.

Pathway leading to the ultimate goal.

Pathway leading to the goal.

noun: fray
  1. a situation of intense activity, typically one incorporating an element of aggression or competition.
    “nineteen companies intend to bid for the contract, with three more expected to enter the fray
late Middle English: from archaic fray ‘to quarrel,’ from affray ‘startle,’ from Anglo-Norman French afrayer (see affray).

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