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A Sign of Nobility

Last night I was chatting with Jason C. aka Opinionated Man from Harsh Realty (if you don’t know Jason go check him out) about the my post Yes the Kitchen Door and he informed me that a red door is a symbol of nobility to some Chinese.

Of course I loved the ideal of nobility and took it one step further and made it royalty.  So I said that my place is Robin’s Kingdom but thought it needs a better name.

Here are some of my choices: Robin’s Kingdom, Robin’s Oasis, Forchion Estate (pronounced fortune), but they just don’t have any pizzazz.


red door1

The yellow is covered and the door is now all red. I am still debating on this shade of red. It may get changed to a completely different color. We shall see.


I know it does not look like much now but in the future it will be gorgeous! I have plans on putting shutters on the windows, larger plants in the flower beds, changing the walkways so that they all match, having a great lawn, one that you could just lay on it (might be pushing it a bit).  I have huge dreams for my house and I want the name to match my dreams.

I am thinking of having a contest to name my Kingdom.  Not sure of the particulars yet but if/when I come up with something you will be the first to know.


Suggestion box is now open!!

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Yes the Kitchen Door

I look at my front door a minimum of 2x’s daily and I hate the boring gray color.  So today i purchased some paint.  Ruby Red Slipper and Toasted Wheat (a creamy yellow).  I chose 2 colors because I figured I am in the country and nobody cares what your door looks like and I want it to be different and inviting.

When I painted the first part of the door red it was not as red as I wanted or even close to what was on the card, but it was “OK”.  I still continued and finished painting it red.  Then I painted the inside of the door the creamy yellow.  When I finished the first coat it immediately reminded me of a kitchen door.


This is when I first moved in and nothing was done to the outside.



Screen door removed soon to be replaced. Does this look like a kitchen door?

Be honest does the door look like it should be in a kitchen?   What color do you suggest?  I am also thing of change the window boxes to 1 per window.  Not sure if I like it with 2.  Whats your opinion on this?


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Gone Forever….

….the Balcony Oasis will be no more.  I am moving! I was lucky to be able to finally move into my fathers childhood home.  The tenants that were there moved.  So now its MINE!

The house needs a bit of work to bring it back to where it once was but it is mine and will be a work in progress.

I am looking forward to fixing up the interior and exterior and creating my Oasis both inside and out.



The house did not receive much love over the last few years that it was rented but that is about to change.  I have been painting and getting carpet and planning and just making it mine.


Happy Happy me!

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What does home mean to me?

I did not do to well with the WP Blogging 101 course but with this new course, WP Photo 101 I think I will do really well.  My only issue is the daily posting.  I hope I can deliver.

For our first assignment we need to show what home is or means to us.  This was a bit difficult at first but after some thought the place that I feel most at home (besides mom’s house) is Arizona.

There is sun, sun and more sun with lots of heat.  I am longing for some heat right about now. The desert was very calming and relaxing to me.  It gave me a sense of peace which was so desperately needed.

I can’t wait for the time that I can move back or at least go for a long visit.







Prior to moving to Arizona I mainly wanted to go just because of the weather.  After I went there for a vacation and to visit family I fell in love with the desert.  Who would have ever thought that the desert could be beautiful?!

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