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Clarke House – Princeton Battlefield – part 2

The Thomas Clarke House was built in 1772.  This is the place were General Hugh Mercer died 9 days after being wounded in the Princeton Battle under an oak tree (per legend).

Clarke House has been setup as a Museum with artifacts that have been found on the grounds and in the general area of the Battlefield.



The Mercer Oak

This is the location where General Hugh Mercer was shot per legend.  The original tree collapsed of old age in March of 2000.   In 2001 an acorn was planted next the location of the original tree.

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Cape May – Lewes Ferry

Today I took an impromptu drive to Cape May New Jersey to take a few pics at the Cape May-Lewes Ferry.  A lot of people take the 45 minute Ferry ride to venture into Lewes Delaware.

I learned today that part of Cape May is an island.  I have lived in this state for almost 48 years and never knew that it was an island.

An Island??

An Island??

From my home to the Ferry it takes approximately 1.5 hours to get there but the drive is worth it.  It provided me peaceful time to think about the week to come and the next photo excursion.  I think Philadelphia Wednesday.

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