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Most people, myself included, consider Dandelions weeds because they are very invasive and take away from our beautiful green lawns.  Dandelions are the flower with many health uses according to Organic Facts.  According to Organic Facts here are some of the things that they are good for, bone health, liver disorders, acne and skin care and many more uses.

These Dandelions are growing in the brick patio at my mother’s house.

Do you consider it a weed or flower?

Have you ever eaten a dandelion”

Dandelion:  Taraxacum is a large genus of flowering plants in the family Asteraceae which consists of species commonly known as Dandelion. Wikipedia

Scientific name: Taraxacum
Rank: Genus
Higher classification: Daisy family
Did you know: Animals such as birds, insects and butterflies consume nectar or seed of dandelion.

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The Monster I love

I was 34 when I was first introduced to this monster.  I was not ready to meet him yet.  I am too young; I have 6 more years to mentally prepare myself for this predestined meeting.

 I heard all the agonizing stories of the women who went before me and none of it was good.

You see this monster hurts every women that it touches.   Regardless of our history we all dread having to see this monster.  It takes us and squeezes and squeezes to the point that we feel that we will POP.  I still do not know why we don’t. 

And to make matters worse a woman is the one that makes it squeeze even harder. She lines you up for the kill shot time and time again.   

My Monster
My Monster

Although I fear this monster I am equally grateful for it too.  My monster detected breast cancer in me twice.  As a result I have now been cancer free for over 10 years.   

I had to visit my monster yesterday for my annual mammogram and luckily I only needed to endure 2 images.   No tears today “ALL IS GOOD”!!


NJWEEDMAN Made it to New Jersey

My brother, the infamous NJWEEDMAN, Robert E. Forchion has made a coast to coast journey back to New Jersey in the Weed Mobile.  Check him out on YouTube,  Liberty Bell Temple and

He has ventured from Los Angles, California back to New Jersey to face the Burlington County Court system.  Check out the case information

He will be using Jury nullificationClick here for the Wikipedia definition of  Jury Nullification


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